Wooden Animals & Stacker "ZOO" Set
Wooden Animals & Stacker "ZOO" Set

Wooden Animals & Stacker "ZOO" Set

A perfect complement to "Zoo" play sets, singing along to "Going To The Zoo" nursery rhyme and learning animal sounds!

The set contains 12 animals - Elephant, Zebra, Sheep, Rabbit, Parrot, Dog, Giraffe, Flamingo, Crocodile, Bear, Turtle and Whale. These animals are safe, eco-friendly and long-lasting wooden figurines that are perfect for your little tots! 

Imaginative play sparks creativity when your little tots create their own small world play. This is also perfect for stacking and balancing, which helps to train finger muscles that are essential for writing. Moreover, your child can learn to develop other critical skills like communication, motor and social skills while they embark their journey with these animals.

Age recommendation: 6 months - 4 years old

* You may also incorporate our specially designed chart on animal movements from our printables that can help little ones learn through play!


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